• Pediatric Health Care Services at Avista Family Medicine

  • Pediatric Doctor - Avista Family Medicine - Boulder, Erie, LouisvilleAt Avista Family Medicine, we care for children of all ages, from hospital discharge after birth to age 18. We understand that children can become ill when you least expect, which is why we are available for same day appointments. If your child is ill or you have questions about whether they need to be seen, please contact us.

    We offer the following pediatric health care services:

    •   Well Exams/Physicals: In order to protect the health of children, we encourage adherence to regular well child check-ups. At these check-ups, your child will have a physical exam to detect problems with growth, a developmental evaluation, a review of immunization status and an open discussion of any parental concerns you may have.
    • Immunizations : As members of the American Academy of Family Physicians and in agreement with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, we encourage adherence to the current recommended immunization guidelines. Of course, we are always open to parental concerns and would be happy to discuss the risks and benefits of immunizations. 
    • Sports Physicals: Pre-participation physical exams are an important part of making sure a student athlete is ready for his/her sport season. In addition, specialized screening is performed to make sure the student athlete is not at risk because of developmental or congenital problems. Because of the specialized screening, a " Sport Physical" is not a well child exam and needs to be scheduled separately.
    • Illness: Very few childhood illnesses can be treated over the phone. If you are concerned about a fever or symptoms your child is experiencing, please make an appointment to have your child evaluated.
    • Asthma Care: This chronic condition requires input from the family, the patient and the physician for optimal care. We are happy to evaluate your child with asthma and create a personalized asthma action plan for keeping the asthma under control.


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